Asolo 2018 Grand Prize: ROOSENBERG by Ingel Vaikla

THE OPINION OF THE JURY – For an in-depth study of the architectural rules related to the monastic rules by mediating between anthropology and the artist’s film. With an analogous rigidity in the use of color, framing and the rhythm of editing.

Directing/Text/Camera: Ingel Vaikla
Edit: Olivia Degrez, Ingel Vaikla
Sound Design: Simonluca Laitempergher
Sound Mix: Simonluca Laitempergher, Raf Enckels
Grading: Max Golomidov
Sound Recordings: Simonluca Laitempergher, Ingel Vaikla
Typography: StuudioStuudio
Production: Ingel Vaikla

Estonia/Belgium 2017, 29’15”


Award for Best Film on Art: GILLO DORFLES_IN UN BICCHIER D’ACQUA, by Francesco Clerici

THE OPINION OF THE JURY – The last portrait of the dean of Italian art historians. The story of his friendships, of the objects that surround him in his home, allows the director to represent him almost like a living work of art.

Director: Francesco Clerici
Produced by: Mir Cinematografica, Milan Design Film Festival, Francesco Clerici
Color grading: Stefano Barozzi

Italy, 2017, 11′


Award for Best Film ‘New Visions’ section: FROM SOURCE TO POEM, by Rosa Barba

THE OPINION OF THE JURY – A visual meditation filmed in the new Library of Congress repository on the digital preservation of archives made with a virtuous montage of the image and sound.

Production: Studio Rosa Barba
Screenplay and Photography: Rose Beard
Editing: Rosa Barba, Hendrik John
Music: Jan St. Werner

Germany, 2016, 12′


Award for best Film “Schools & Atelier” section: RAY RICHARDSON: OUR SIDE OF THE WATER by Nina Degraeve

THE OPINION OF THE JURY – An intense portrait of an “art worker” who paints the real context of his life, representing it almost like a living work of art.

Belgium, 2017, 17’43”

Les A.P.A.C.H. Brussels
HELB Ilya Prigogine Brussels


“Malipiero Award for the soundtrack: EXPRMNTL, by Brecht Debackere”

THE OPINION OF THE JURY – The history of the most recent cinema avant-garde finds its precise complement with the sound choices that underline the various narrative lines between the document and the quotation.

Director, Writer – Brecht Debackere
Sound Editor – Boris Debackere
Sound Mixer – Raf Enckels
Producer, Cinematografer/DP – Steven Dhoedt
Lead Actors – Agnes Varda, Jonas Mekas
Editor – Beppe Leonetti

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, 1’ 8’’


Special mention of the Jury for the best short film: ‘SUMMER’ by Ronny Trocker

THE OPINION OF THE JURY – A subtly innovative use of new technologies allows a meaningful allegory of human indifference.

Production Autour de Minuit & Stempel Films

Production : Nicolas Schmerkin, Erik Lambert
Production Manager : Emilie Schmerkin, Erik Lambert
SFX : Manuel Rais, Michaël Le Meur, Damien Climent, Clément Ducarteron
DOP : Artur Castro-Freire
Music : Autistic Daugthers / Seby Ciurcina
Editing : Ronny Trocker
Sound design : Anouschka Trocker, Enrico Ascoli
Mix : Simon Apostolou
Costume : Claire Dubien
Actor : Umaru Jibirin

France, Belgium, 2016, 7′ 25”