The graphic image of the 36th Asolo Art Film Festival’s edition merges in a poetic synthesis the symbolic element of the town, the millenary “Rocca di Asolo“, and the provocative theme “Sguardi (in) Opportuni” (i.e. in-appropriate glaces). The compact ellipse of the Rocca, frighteningly empty inside, leads to the abyss of the multiple looks of the Festival. From the top of Mount Ricco the Rocca scans the Hundred Horizons of Asolo, embracing a seemingly borderless landscape. And stories of trespassing, openings, new plots, are those that tells, edition after edition, Asolo Art Film Festival.

The technique chosen by the author, the young illustrator and designer from Bologna Giada Fuccelli, is the hand drawing with oil color: a bridge launched towards the historical posters of the Asolo Festival, which reproduced the works of the great Venetian masters of oil painting, from Giorgione to Carpaccio, and a promise addressed to a “neo-humanist” future, that even in the multiplication of technological devices do not forget the authentically human creative spark present in each of us.